Bartender Buddy for Android

If you like to mix cocktails (or you want to order something more interesting than a gin and tonic), you just found yourself a fine reference tool. Bartender Buddy features over 30,000 amazingly high quality drink recipes. Whether you're a professional bartender or amateur mixologist, you'll find everything you need in one lightning-fast, super-polished app.

High Quality Recipes

Bartender Buddy includes thousands of carefully selected and edited recipes, ranging from classic cocktails to popular contemporary shooters.


All of the recipes have been organized into drink categories. Feeling nostalgic? Buddy has all the classics. On a mission? Dig in to some of the fancy and less well known drinks.

Liquor cabinet

This innovative feature allows you to maintain a list of spirits (and mixers) you have and shows you what you can make with them.


When you find a recipe you like, mark it as a favorite for easy future access or email it to your friends.

Powerful searching

Find any drink by name either in your local database or across our web database, allowing you to find over 30,000 drinks.

Drink Notes

Note your likes or dislikes, or note ingredient adjustments to yourself in each drink recipe.

Find what your can make

Based on your liquor cabinet, you can get a complete list of every drink that contains and of your cabinet ingredients.

Fast and friendly

Top Shelf is designed from top to bottom to be beautiful, usable, and snappy. Since the recipes are stored on your device, you don't have to wait for anything to download from the Internet, and there are no ads to get in your way. If you can't find what you want, you can also search online on our ultra-fast server.

"Bartender Buddy should win a prize for the most refined cocktail application for Android."